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2023 Yamaha MT-03 Review & Specs

2023 Yamaha MT-03 Review & Specs
18 Mar
Written by Emily

The Yamaha MT-03 is the baby of the MT range (with the exception of the MT-125 in some markets). If you stand an MT-03 next to the bigger MT-07 you will struggle to figure out which one is which at first glance and that is no coincidence.

Yamaha has gone out of their way to ensure the MT-03 shares the bigger MT bikes aggressive nature and has built it to big bike specification.

Yamaha’s ‘dark side of Japan’ line has taken over the streets, you would be hard pressed not to spot an MT at any gathering of motorcycles, on a ride, outside a bar, or indeed any city’s streets.

On its release the MT-03 quickly rose to the front of the pack in its segment and deservedly so.

Let’s take a look at the 2023 Yamaha MT-03 and figure out why it is such an awesome motorcycle great for both new riders and those looking for something a bit smaller for the daily commute through the tight city streets.

The whole MT line is part of the Hyper Naked motorcycle segment that you could argue Yamaha started in the first place. Identifying factors include sharp angles, components placed carefully to display the sheer power radiating from the engine, along with modern materials for a premium-style construction.

Yamaha’s design team have gone to great lengths to make sure the Yamaha MT-03 follows suit with the bigger bikes in the line, with premium design features and quality components that far exceed its price tag.

Let’s start at the front of the bike with the aggressive front light assembly, think a killer wasp in a bad mood, matching the style you get a powerful led headlight that manages to provide brilliant illumination.

As you work your way back a little bit you see the bike’s aggressive nature continues with a sculpted fuel tank cover, a narrow seat is completed on the back by a sharp tail piece – the wasps sting.

The engine is housed in a blacked out frame, with a compact exhaust system tucked into the side.

On the front you get KYB inverted forks which are pretty conventional front forks but they do offer excellent handling, feel and feedback which is all a rider can really ask for out of a set of forks.

At the back Yamaha have used a long swingarm (a concept first seen on the Yamaha R1) with a monocross rear shock. This pairing gives a great level of control when braking, cornering and accelerating.

The aggressive and powerful design is a mass forward body design which means the bikes handling is brilliant, precise and easy to manage on the twisties while the extremely light clutch feeling makes commuting around the inner city a breeze.

When it comes to the engine the MT 03 has great overall engine performance, built to boost rider confidence with easy to manage power.

The latest generation ensures a confident and smooth ride, with a refined engine character.

For those who grow into the motor you will notice it has a strong high rpm power which makes for great fun in sweeping bends and accelerating from stop lights. It also makes you work to unleash the power at the top end which is part of the fun of smaller capacity machines.

The engine’s cylinders are constructed of Aluminium which make for excellent heat dissipation and essentially aids the reduction of any power loss.

Carburised connecting rods and lightweight forged pistons perfectly complement each other by being low in weight, reducing vibrations and in the end providing a smooth throttle response.

In fact the overall layout minimizes vibrations so extended rides are more than doable on the Mt 03 in relative comfort.

The upright ergonomic riding position also feeds into rider comfort.

The position puts the rider in command of the motorcycle for maximum visibility of the road ahead and for confident handling in all situations.

New riders will benefit greatly from the riding position, and experienced riders will enjoy the flexibility the position offers for them to test their limits.

Excellent stopping power on the MT 03 comes in the form of an anti lock braking system using a hydraulic single disc brake on the front and rear. ABS helps prevent wheel lock ups when braking harshly – a great safety feature.

Overall the bike’s high specification copied from the dynamic MT family makes the MT 03 an exciting ride with plenty of usable power in a chassis capable enough to handle anything you can throw at it.

he MT 03 makes a good case for being the best beginner bike currently available, it certainly needs to be included in any top ten list of beginner motorcycles.

The seat height is not super high and the saddle narrow so even shorter riders will be able to manage the bike, furthermore, the bike’s light weight will guarantee confidence as there is no heavy mass to handle.

The innovative offset cylinder design and forward mass makes the weight easy to handle, as it is right in the area where the rider has the most control.

Ultra responsive handling mated with an easy to use engine with plenty of useable power and more on the top end if you work for it means new riders have something to grow into.

A stylish LCD meter on the front has easy to absorb information displayed so beginner riders can take a quick glance and get everything they need to know, leaving them with more time to focus on the road ahead.

Something really cool about the MT 03 is that if you ride up to your first bike night you won’t look out of place next to much bigger and more powerful machines.
2023 Yamaha MT-03 Review & Specs
2023 Yamaha MT-03 Review & Specs
2023 Yamaha MT-03 Review & Specs

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