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Wigan Yamaha reveal the FJR1300 Ultimate Edition

Wigan Yamaha reveal the FJR1300 Ultimate Edition
05 Nov
Written by Rob Ocego

New FJR1300AS Ultimate Edition & FJR1300AE Ultimate Edition

New FJR1300AS Ultimate Edition & FJR1300AE Ultimate Edition

Legendary turns

The FJR has set the benchmark for touring excellence and established itself as the definitive large-capacity sport tourer.Few other models have enjoyed such a long run of continued success as the FJR1300, and during the past two decades it has been chosen by over 120,000 riders worldwide.

Due to the arrival of EU5, Yamaha launches the final generation of this iconic motorcycle - the FJR1300AS/AE Ultimate Edition, paying a special tribute to this legendary machine after almost 20 years from its launch.With an exclusive finish and equipped with a range of premium features, the two new versions for 2020 offer the most refined, exciting and rewarding riding experience in the sport touring class.

Exclusive black and gold colours

FJR riders are experienced motorcyclists who appreciate the sporty yet timeless style of this high-specification motorcycle, and Yamaha's design team have been careful to maintain the bike's understated and distinguished character with the new Ultimate Edition colour scheme.

The bodywork has been treated to an exclusive black finish that reinforces the purposeful power-tourer look while accentuating the bike's aerodynamic lines - and a thick gold band running from the front to the rear of the 25-litre fuel tank adds to the premium feel.

The lightweight 3-spoke alloy wheels benefit from a gold finish featuring FJR logos to give the Ultimate Edition models an exclusive and dramatic look that perfectly conveys their legendary status.

High touring screen

First and foremost the FJR1300AS and AE Ultimate Edition models are built for riders with a passion for long distance touring, and these premium sport tourers are equipped with an electronically-adjustable high screen that offers enhanced comfort and increased wind and weather protection.

The settings for the seat, cowl and handlebars can also be adjusted, enabling riders to easily and quickly modify the ergonomics on the Ultimate Edition in order to achieve the ideal set up.

Wind deflectors

The typical FJR rider uses their motorcycle throughout the year and covers huge distances - and for even higher levels of comfort on longer trips, the Ultimate Edition is fitted with wind deflectors as standard equipment.

Hard side cases with a black chrome strip

The touring essentials on these top-of-the-range FJR models include a clean and quiet running shaft drive as well as heated grips and a 12V socket - and of course, hard side cases. For a fully co-ordinated look the luggage on the Ultimate Edition models feature a colour co-ordinated finish with a black chrome strip that adds a touch more class.

Black seat with gold stitching

The FJR's seating can be raised or lowered to suit the rider's preferences, and on the Ultimate Edition the stepped two-piece black seat comes with gold stitching and a gold FJR logo that complements the exclusive appearance.

Special black finishing

Key components are treated with a special black finish, including the handlebars and risers, control levers, top clamp, filler cap, rear grab handles, brake calipers and passenger footrest brackets. This co-ordinated look underlines the high status and premium quality of the Ultimate Edition models and marks them out as future classics.

FJR1300AS & FJR1300AE Ultimate Edition: Key Features

· Special black / gold body colours

· Black seat with gold stitching and logo
• High screen

· Wind deflectors

· Gold wheels with logo

FJR1300AS/AE features:

· 1298cc, inline, 4-cylinder, 6-speed engine

· Electronically-adjustable suspension and upside-down forks

· Fully adjustable screen and ergonomics

· Electronic clutch-less gear shift system (FJR1300AS only)

· A&S clutch

· Switchable TCS
• Yamaha D-MODE

· Sportsbike-type aluminium frame
• Shaft drive
• Cruise Control

· Hard side cases with black chrome strip

· Heated grips and 12V socket

· Adaptive cornering lights

· Large 25-litre long-range fuel tank

· Long-distance high-speed Sport Tourer

· Hard side cases with black chrome strip

Price and availability

The FJR1300AS Ultimate Edition & FJR1300AE Ultimate Edition will be available at Yamaha dealers starting in December 2019.Please contact your national Yamaha press officer for more detailed information on the local price.


The new FJR1300AS Ultimate Edition & FJR1300AE Ultimate Edition will be available in Midnight Black.
Wigan Yamaha reveal the FJR1300 Ultimate Edition
Wigan Yamaha reveal the FJR1300 Ultimate Edition
Wigan Yamaha reveal the FJR1300 Ultimate Edition

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